Elizabeth Benz

Elizabeth Benz

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Benz. Currently, I am completing my PhD thesis on the topic of musculoskeletal ageing and chronic airway diseases at the Erasmus Medical Center University, in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). I aimed to understand the clinical characteristics and potential biomarkers (related to metabolic and inflammatory pathways) of sarcopenia (and its components), as well as the risk of all-cause mortality in older adults with COPD or asthma. I did so by employing data from the Rotterdam Study cohort.

In 2022 I started working on the European SO-NUTS Project at Auvergne University, Clermont-Ferrand (France), under the leadership of Prof. Yves Boirie at the Unit of Human Nutrition. The main focus of my research within the SO-NUTS Project is on the sarcopenic obesity phenotype and its associated risk factors among older people. Currently, I am working on creating a z-score that can be used to assess sarcopenic obesity. This approach relies on the diagnostic criteria recommended by the ESPEN/EASO consensus. I am using data from well-established cohorts such as the Rotterdam Study and the Health ABC Study.



  1. Assessing plasma-circulating proteomics for sarcopenia-traits: The Rotterdam Study.
  2. Sarcopenic-obesity probability index (SOPi) and its associated factors: a population-based study.



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Email: e.benz@erasmusmc.nl

Pure: E. Benz Inalaf — Erasmus University Rotterdam (eur.nl)