Eat fish once a week, preferably fatty fish


Fish fits into a healthy and varied diet!

Examples of fatty fish:
Herring, salmon, mackerel, kipper and sardines

Examples of lean fish:
Cod, coalfish, plaice, tilapia, seafood


Fish is good for your health. The fatty acids in fish protect against cardiovascular diseases. Fatty fish in particular contains many healthy fatty acids.

How many fish do you need?

Eat 1 portion of fish (100 grams) once a week. Preferably choose fatty fish. This can be fresh, frozen or canned fish. It is recommended for people who suffer from heart disease to consume fish 1-2 times per week. 

Salted fish

Smoked fish such as salmon and eel, pickled (sweet and sour) fish (such as herring and rolmops), salted fish (such as herring, stockfish and anchovies) contain a lot of salt. Too much salt increases the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, choose salted types of fish only occasionally.

Frozen fish

Frozen and canned fish are cheaper than fresh fish, and are just as healthy.


Fish is healthy, but overfishing should be avoided. Therefore, eat fish only 1-2 times a week.

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