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The SO-NUTS study

The goal of SO-NUTS

As people get older, two common problems often arise: they gain too much fat (become overweight) and lose muscle and muscle strength (sarcopenia). This usually occurs because of bad eating habits and not moving enough. When people retire, many things in their lives can change, including how they eat and exercise. This can make them gain weight by getting more fat and losing muscle.

The SO-NUTS project wants to create a digital tool to help and encourage people who are retiring to eat healthier and move more often.


An application like SO-NUTS can certainly provide that extra bit of motivation. I’m curious to hear what others think of it.

Luke Boerdijk

Research assistant SO-NUTS, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Personalized advice for nutrition and exercise can certainly help someone to promote healthier eating and physical activity!

Eva Klaassen

Research assistant SO-NUTS, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

What does it mean to participate?*

You will use the SO-NUTS application for a period of 6 weeks. At the beginning, you will fill in the application how you currently eat and exercise. Filling this in properly may take some time, but afterwards you will receive a personalized advice from the application. With that advice, you can set your own goals and start working on healthier eating and exercising. The application supports you in this.

Before you start using the app, we will conduct some tests and ask you a few questions about your eating and exercise habits. We will do this again after 6 weeks, once you have used the app for a while. This is to observe how your eating, exercise behavior, and overall health have changed. We are also curious about your thoughts on the app. After 12 weeks, we will ask you again to fill in 2 questionnaires.

The planning looks like this:

*The SO-NUTS study has now entered its final phase, and as such, we no longer require new registrations. However, if you would still like to participate in another health study conducted by the HvA, please fill out the contact form below to inquire about available opportunities.

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