Preventing obesity, sarcopenia and Sarcopenic Obesity in retirement through digital, personalised interventions for healthy NUTrition and physical activity for Seniors.

The problem

The aging population faces two conditions that threaten healthy aging: high fat mass (obesity) and low muscle mass and function (sarcopenia). The combination of both –referred to as sarcopenic obesity– synergistically increases the risk of adverse health outcomes. The two conditions often co-occur as they reinforce each other and share common etiologies, mainly poor nutrition and inactivity. Read more

The research

We aim to provide essential insights required to develop innovative strategies for preventing obesity, sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity taking into account sociodemographic and health-related characteristics. SO-NUTS will test the feasibility and effectiveness of a personalised, cross-country SO-NUTS application to help motivate (future) retirees to lose weight and preserve muscle mass.

The goal

To secure implementation and dissemination of the SO-NUTS application and to add two healthy years to the average life with the help of an extensive network, reaching Europe and beyond.

‘Take good care of your muscles!’

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Higher protein intake improves muscle mass during a weight loss intervention

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