Rethinking is thinking in terms of possibilities, rather than problems or limitations. Discover the art of rethinking. It makes your life lighter!

Getting started

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to start. Starting makes the opportunity perfect.


 If you are looking for the person who can change your life, look in the mirror first.


If you’re tired it’s not because you’re doing too much, it’s because you’re doing too little of what gives you energy.


Ten years from now, you would give anything to be as young as you are now.


Do something today that you will be proud of tomorrow.


Sometimes things are not fun to do now but are fun to have done later.


You don’t get stressed because you’re not perfect, you get stressed because you want to be perfect.

Be patient

All things are difficult before they become easy.


Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

Getting better

By measuring yourself against the worst, you feel better. By measuring yourself against the best, you become better.

Saying no

Be grateful for everyone who says no to you. Thanks to them, you have the courage to do it yourself.


If it becomes clear that you are not achieving your goal, don’t change your goal; change your approach.


The advantage of a valley is that there are two peaks right next to it.

Something new

In places where nothing is allowed fail, nothing new can arise.

I can do it

I have never done it before, so I think I can do it.


If you don’t notice it, you know you have it.