Small steps, lots of results!

Small steps, lots of results!

Sometimes it seems like you are far away from your goal. Improving your health with small steps is a good start!

Every healthy decision you make can be a baby step: for example, take the stairs instead of the lift, don’t put sugar in your tea today, take the longer route walking home, etc, etc.

In this video, we explain how you can do that.

These are the 4 steps:

  1. Choose a small step towards a healthy habit that is easy for you.
  2. Carrying out the small step takes you little time.
  3. Find a convenient link: For instance, you link that small step to a fixed time or to another habit in your day, so you think about it.
  4. You make yourself feel happy every time you perform the step!

    4 examples:

    1. More balance exercises

    Stand on one leg when you brush your teeth. One day on your left leg, the next on your right. Balance exercises make your leg muscles stronger!

    2. Less sugar

    Drink tea and coffee without sugar or use less. Less sugar is better for your health and helps if you want to lose weight!

    3. Muscle-strengthening exercises

    Every time you go to the toilet do two knee bends (squats). You can increase the number when it feels too easy!

    4. More protein

    If you feel hungry between meals, and usually eat unhealthy snacks (like biscuits) consider replacing this with 1 serving of dairy such as (butter) milk, yoghurt or quark or a plant-based variety such as soy drink or soy yoghurt. The proteins in dairy make you feel satiated and strengthen your muscles. Every day you make this choice is a win! 

    Many more baby steps are possible. Think of one yourself that suits you.

    Make sure it is easy, takes little time and is linked to a fixed time in your day or to another habit. Every healthy decision you make is a win!

    Give it a try. The baby-step method really works. Start with one small step!