More intensive and longer exercise provides more health benefits

High intensity physical activity 

High-intensity physical activity are activities that require a lot of effort. This involves your heart beating much faster, sweating, breathing fast and often running out of breath, which makes holding a conversation difficult. 

To achieve this, you might think you would have to participate in sports, but this is not necessary! 

In your daily life, you sometimes already move quite intensively by, for example:  

  • Walking up the stairs with heavy shopping bags
  • Swimming laps in the pool at high speed 
  • Jogging 
  • Riding your bike to the shops 
  • Heavy garden work such as digging 


    Compared to light and moderate-intensity exercise, heavy-intensity exercise provides additional health benefits. 


      Are you untrained and over 45 years old? Then consult your doctor before starting very intensive exercise and build up slowly.